My Irish Whiskey

We have all heard about it, smelled it and tasted it. Everyone knows about it. Most of us have indulged ourselves with it. However, amidst the frivolity of whatever occasion it is that you are in, have you ever stopped and wondered what whiskey is made of or where it came from and the significance it has in our day to day lives?

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Whiskey originally came from Scotland around the 1400’s and is now known and enjoyed all over the world. It is an alcoholic drink that is aged in wooden/oak casts. It is made up of distilled grains like wheat, corn, rye and barley. These grains are then turned into mash. The equipment being used to make whiskey is called a “still”. Whiskey also means “water of life”.
It can be served in any type of occasion but it is most popular during weddings and ceremonies. It is also used to symbolize a lasting relationship between a bride and her groom or between friends.

There are different types of whiskies. We have the Straight whiskey, Blended whiskey, Rye whiskey, Corn whiskey and the Irish whiskey to name a few. Straight whiskey, from the name itself, consists of just one kind of whiskey. The Blended whiskey consists of 2 or more whiskies, not necessarily having the same age or flavour. The Rye and Corn whiskies are all straight whiskies but differ in the mash. Finally, we have the Irish whiskey. It is made up of malted and un-malted barley mixed together with other grains. The process of distillation for the Irish whiskey is quite long compared to that of the other whiskies. It also needs to be aged for at least three to four years before it can be served.
Among the different types of whiskies, the Irish whiskey is my favourite. This type of whiskey originated in Ireland. As I mentioned earlier, the process of distillation for it is more articulate compared to that of the others since it has to be distilled three times and has to be aged for at least three to four years. Because of this, the Irish whiskey has become quite popular for its flavourful taste and its smooth finish.

The Irish whiskey has different kinds. We have the Single Malt whiskey. It comes from malted barley and is distilled by using a pot still. We also have the Grain whiskey, which from the name itself, comes from grain. This one is distilled in a column still. Another type of whiskey is the Blended whisky. It is made up of different types of whiskies blended together. It usually consists of one or more single whiskies mixed together. Finally, we have the Pure Pot Still whiskey. This type consists of only “pot still whiskey”. This is considered as the most unique and rare type as it can only be found in Ireland.
The manufacturers of Irish whiskies, as well as the other kinds of whiskies, are quite particular with heritage which is why the taste of whiskey nowadays is still quite the same as it was back then. With all that being said, we now know that there is more to whiskies aside from it being an alcoholic beverage.

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