Electronic Cigarette Facts and Myths

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, it has received applause and rejection in almost equal measure. There are those folks who have accepted it in large while others see it as another impending disaster waiting to happen. For those who don’t advocate for it, their main deter has been the myths that have been associated with these products. The truth is that eCigs are products that cannot be compared to cigarettes as they do not have harmful additives contained in tobacco.

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Take a look on various myths and facts about eCigs:


Myth: Electronic cigarettes may soon be categorized as to be illegal. Fact: Even though some countries have tried to ban using them, the truth is that it is gaining more popularity than never before and there is no indication that any State in US will ban its use.

Myth: It is sold to any interested customer. Fact: eCigs are only sold to people above the age of 18 years or depending on your State.

Myth: This product is appealing to non smokers. Fact: That is not true because electronic cigarettes are openly marketed for those guys who want to quit smoking tobacco.

Myth: The exact ingredients in an electronic cigarette are barely known. Fact: Research has already been done and the exact elements in it are publicly known. Most e-liquid these days are also diketone free.

Myth: Nicotine contained in them is extremely harmful hence it does not offer any solution to smokers.Fact: Even though it contains nicotine, physicians have not been able to explain or found how this element can be very harmful in one’s body. On the other hand, ordinary cigarettes do not only contain nicotine but also tar, smoke and other multiple chemicals that are carcinogenic.


Myth: Electronic cigarettes cannot in any way be sold in the US.Fact: The truth is that US Federal government has not restricted its sale as they have not issued any directives regarding it.

Myth: It is far much expensive than ordinary cigarettes.Fact: That is one big lie because you cannot spend beyond $50 when it comes to eCigs per month. Tobacco smokers can spend as much as $300 per month to satisfy their nicotine urge.

Myth: They are considered dangerous because they do vary in terms of their contents.Facts: The idea is that if you buy a legitimate product, you are sure of what it constitutes because that is always displayed unless you buy a fake product. You ought to purchase it from a reputable company.


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